Installing Discord on Deepin Linux 20.9 via the command line


Discord is a popular communication platform that primarily focuses on enabling text, voice, and video communication.

It was initially created for gamers to communicate with each other while playing online games, but it has since grown to become a widely used communication tool for various communities and purposes.


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Check your OS (optional)

This step is just to make sure you have Deepin Linux installed.

lsb_release -a
cat /etc/os-release
uname -a


Navigate to the official page

Go to the following link and click on Download


Save the deb package


sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/discord-0.0.33.deb

Replace Downloads/discord-0.0.33.deb with your actual filename and path.


Brief explanation

The sudo dpkg -i discord-package-name.deb command is used to install a Debian package (with a .deb extension) on a Debian-based Linux system, such as Ubuntu or Deepin.

dpkg is the Debian Package Manager, a tool used to install, configure, and manage software packages on Debian-based systems.

-i is an option for the dpkg command, which specifies that you want to install a package.






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