How to install .deb files on Elementary OS 6.1 via the terminal emulator?

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How to install .deb files on Elementary OS 6.1 via the terminal emulator?

.deb file

A .deb file is a software package format used primarily by Debian-based Linux distributions, including Debian itself, Ubuntu, and Elementary OS. It serves as a means of packaging and distributing software applications and libraries for easy installation and management on these Linux systems.


Let's use Gdebi.


GDebi is a graphical tool for installing Debian (.deb) packages on Debian-based Linux distributions.

It provides a user-friendly interface for installing software packages in the .deb format, making it easier for users who prefer graphical tools over the command line.

The most important characteristic of gdebi is Dependency Resolution. GDebi checks for and installs any missing package dependencies required by the .deb package being installed. This helps ensure that the software functions correctly after installation.

Update the package information

sudo apt update

The sudo apt update command in Linux is used to update the package information for software repositories configured on your system.

Install Gdebi

sudo apt install gdebi

Check installation

Executable path

which gdebi
which gdebi-gtk


gdebi --version



Installation status

dpkg -l | grep gdebi

Install the .deb file

sudo gdebi my_file.deb



You've made it!

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