Ruby Challenge: Create a word occurrence counter

TL; DR: Get the solution on my Github repository.


Create a word occurrence counter.

Given a sentence, such as the following one:

sentence = "I love Ruby, Ruby is a great language!"

The result would be a hash

{"I"=>1, "love"=>1, "Ruby,"=>2, "is"=>1, "a"=>1, "great"=>1, "language!"=>1}


Let's build our solution one step at a time, so, you can grasp it.

Basically, there are 3 steps:

  • Store the result;

  • Match words;

  • Count the words.

Store the result

Let's start by creating a Hash object. This object is our counter.

def count_word_occurrences(sentence)
  word_counter =

  return word_counter

Match each word

In this step, we're going to identify and separate each word.

Scan method

In order to achieve this, we're going to use the scan method. Take a look at the following approach:



The previous code snippet uses the scan method. This method is provided by the Ruby's String class. It is used to search a string (sentence in this case) for all occurrences of a specified pattern and returns an array of all matches found.

In the given code snippet, the pattern specified is /\w+/.

Regular expression pattern

\w is a metacharacter that matches any word character, which includes alphabetic characters (both uppercase and lowercase) and digits. It is equivalent to the character class [A-Za-z0-9_].

The plus sign + is a quantifier that specifies that the preceding pattern (\w in this case) should be matched one or more times consecutively. Therefore, /\w+/ matches one or more consecutive word characters.


The scan method scans the sentence string and finds all occurrences of the pattern /\w+/. It then returns an array containing all the words found in the sentence.


sentence = "I love Ruby, Ruby is a great language!"

def count_word_occurrences(sentence)
  word_counter =

  # Use regular expression to match each word in the sentence
  @words = sentence.scan(/\w+/)


puts @words

Since we're using the scan method, the previous code would result in an array:

["I", "love", "Ruby", "Ruby", "is", "a", "great", "language"]


Count the words

As we already checked, by using the scan method, we got an array of words.

Now, we need to iterate through this array and check if the word element is repeated, cause if it is, we're going to add one to the world_counter variable:

words.each do |word|
    word_counter[word] += 1

The previous code is our cornerstone. Every iteration is going to add a key value to the word_counter


And add 1 to the word_counter if the word is repeated:

word_counter[word] += 1

Complete solution


sentence = "I love Ruby, Ruby is a great language!"

def count_word_occurrences(sentence)
  word_counter =

  words = sentence.scan(/\w+/)

  words.each do |word|
    word_counter[word] += 1


puts count_word_occurrences(sentence)

Github repository

Take a look at it here.

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Final thoughts

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