How to remove the Transparency window effect on Deepin OS 20.7?


Deepin OS uses its own desktop environment called DDE, which is designed to be visually appealing, smooth, and intuitive. It offers a macOS-like experience with a dock, launcher, and a system tray.


Let's go over the solution.

Check your OS

You can try one of the following approaches.


The command "lsb_release -a" is used to display information about the Linux Standard Base (LSB) and distribution-specific information of your Linux system.

The "lsb_release" command is useful for identifying the distribution and its version in a standardized manner, particularly if you are writing scripts or need to retrieve distribution information programmatically.

lsb_release -a

The output should be something like this

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Deepin
Description:    Deepin 20.7.1
Release:        20.7.1
Codename:       apricot


The command cat /etc/os-release is used to display the contents of the "/etc/os-release" file, which contains information about the operating system distribution.

The "/etc/os-release" file is commonly used by various system utilities and scripts to determine the distribution and retrieve specific information about the operating system.

In the terminal

cat /etc/os-release

Your output should be something like the following:

PRETTY_NAME="Deepin 20.7.1"

Desktop Settings

Right click on desktop and choose Desktop Settings


Click on Personolization.

Window Effect

Look for Window Effect option.

As you can see, your Window Effect is set to true.

Uncheck Window Effect

Save changes

Just click on the close button.


You've made it!

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Final thoughts

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