How to install Slack on Linux Mint 21 vanessa

How to install Slack on Linux Mint 21 vanessa


Slack is a cloud-based collaboration platform and messaging app designed for teams and workplaces.

It was created as a tool to improve communication and collaboration among team members, both within organizations and for remote or distributed teams.

Slack offers a wide range of features that help teams streamline their work and communication.

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Update the repository info

In your browser, go to the following link:

sudo apt update

Visit the download page

Download the .deb file


sudo dpkg -i Downloads/slack-desktop-4.33.90-amd64.deb

The dpkg command is a Debian Package Manager, a command-line tool used for working with Debian packages.

Debian packages are a common format for distributing software on Debian-based Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

The -i flag specifies that you want to install a package.

So, when you run this command, it installs the Slack desktop application on your Linux system by processing the specified Debian package.

Check slack's installation

Through its executable file location

which slack


Through its version

slack -v


Through its post-installation run





You've made it!

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