How to clone a Ruby on Rails project from github?

In your GitHub repo page, go to Code, SSH, then you should be able to see the link. Copy it.

1-Git clone command

git clone

Run the previous command in your desired folder.

Note that it's not necessary to create a specific folder for the project, because a new one will be created automatically.



you should see a new folder with the project name.

In my example, the new project is coding-challenges-ruby.

3-Install dependencies

bundle install

4-Set up database

rails db:setup

The bin/rails db:setup command will create the database, load the schema, and initialize it with the seed data.

5-Run migrations

rails db:migrate

Note that running the db:migrate command also invokes the db:schema:dump command, which will update your db/schema.rb file to match the structure of your database.

6-Start the server

rails server

The bin/rails server command launches a web server that comes bundled with Rails. You'll use this any time you want to access your application through a web browser.

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