English lesson: The weather here is pretty mild

B level



Stanley: Hi Sophie, it's nice to meet you. Before we dive into the technical questions, why don't we chat a bit to get to know each other better?

Sophie: Hi Stanley, sure! That sounds good to me.

Stanley: Great! So, you're from Brazil, right? What's it like there?

Sophie: Yes, I am! Brazil is amazing. The weather is usually warm and sunny, especially where I live in Rio de Janeiro. How about you? What's it like in the US?

Stanley: I'm based in San Francisco, California. The weather here is pretty mild year-round, but we do get some fog and cool temperatures, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Sophie: That sounds nice. We don't get much fog in Rio, but we do get a lot of rain in the summer. What's the currency in the US again?

Stanley: We use the US Dollar. How about in Brazil?

Sophie: We use the Brazilian Real. The exchange rates can be quite interesting sometimes.

Stanley: Yeah, definitely. So, what do you like to do in your free time?

Sophie: I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, and dancing samba. I also love reading and playing video games. What about you?

Stanley: I like to go hiking too, and I'm really into photography. I also enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.


dive intobased inpretty mild
year roundfogcurrency
warmcool temperatureWhat's it like?
To be into
  1. Dive into

    • Explanation: To begin or enter into something enthusiastically.

    • Translation: Mergulhar em

  2. Based in

    • Explanation: Located or established in a particular place.

    • Translation: Sediado em

  3. Pretty mild

    • Explanation: Fairly moderate in intensity or severity.

    • Translation: Bastante ameno

  4. Year round

    • Explanation: Throughout the entire year.

    • Translation: Durante todo o ano

  5. Fog

    • Explanation: A thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface which obscures or restricts visibility.

    • Translation: Nevoeiro

  6. Currency

    • Explanation: The system of money in general use in a particular country.

    • Translation: Moeda

  7. Warm

    • Explanation: Having or giving off a moderate degree of heat, especially as perceived by the senses.

    • Translation: Quente

  8. Cool temperature

    • Explanation: A moderately low temperature that is refreshing or pleasant.

    • Translation: Temperatura fresca

  9. What's it like?

    • Explanation: A question asking for a description of something.

    • Translation: Como é?

  10. To be into

    • Explanation: To have a strong interest or enthusiasm for something.

    • Translation: Estar interessado em

Sample sentences

  1. Dive into

    • Let's dive into the new project with enthusiasm.
  2. Based in

    • The company is based in New York.
  3. Pretty mild

    • The weather here is pretty mild, even in winter.
  4. Year round

    • The garden is beautiful year round.
  5. Fog

    • The city is known for its dense fog.
  6. Currency

    • The currency used in Japan is the yen.
  1. Warm

    • It is warm outside today.
  2. Cool temperature

    • I prefer a cool temperature in my room.
  3. What's it like?

    • What's it like living in Brazil?
  4. To be into

    • She is really into painting.


Initial role play

pretty mild
year roundfogcurrency
warmcool temperatureWhat's it like?
To be intodive intobased in

Final role play

year roundfogcurrency
warmcool temperatureWhat's it like?
To be intodive intobased in
pretty mild

Personal experience

  • How do you break the ice in a conversation?

  • How do you check if you and the other person are getting along?

  • Do you have any favorite topics for conversation?


Reading comprehension

  • Question: Why does Stanley suggest chatting before diving into technical questions?

  • Question: How does Sophie describe the weather in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Question: What is the weather like in San Francisco according to Stanley?

  • Question: What currency is used in the United States and Brazil, as mentioned in the dialogue?

  • Question: What are some of Sophie's and Stanley's hobbies?

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below:

  • dive into

  • based in

  • pretty mild

  • year round

  • fog

  • currency

  • warm

  • cool temperature

  • What's it like?

  • To be into

  1. Our office is __________ New York City, but we have branches all over the world.

  2. If you're ready, let's __________ the details of the new project.

  3. The climate in this region is __________, so it's comfortable most of the time.

  4. Many plants in this garden bloom __________, providing constant beauty.

  5. The __________ in San Francisco often causes delays at the airport.

  6. The __________ of Japan is the yen.

  7. It gets really __________ here in the summer, so make sure to stay hydrated.

  8. I prefer a __________ in my bedroom at night for better sleep.

  9. __________ living in a big city?

  10. She seems __________ yoga; she practices it every day.