6° Ruby MeetUp in Goias, Brazil

6° Ruby MeetUp in Goias, Brazil

We are witnessing a remarkable rediscovery for Rails. In times of constraints and a search for efficiency, its advantages shine even brighter, positioning it as one of the premier frameworks for launching startups or crafting modern web applications.

As Rails celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023—a truly incredible milestone—the framework's enduring relevance and adaptability are more apparent than ever

Bolstering this renewed enthusiasm are initiatives like the Rails Foundation and events such as Rails World, along with many others cropping up across the United States, Europe and Brazil.

Now, amid this vibrant landscape, The Ruby Goias Community reemerges with a compelling mission: to unite Ruby enthusiasts from Goiás and Brazil. Through fostering discussion, knowledge-sharing, and community-building, "Ruby Meetup Goias" aims to amplify the collective voice of Ruby enthusiasts across the region.

The event will take place in "Hub Goiás", located in R. 261, 384 - Setor Leste Universitário, Goiânia - GO.

It will occurr on August 10th, 2024, from 1:40pm to 6pm.